Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, which has taken extreme measures to close the entire city to prevent COVID-19, is preparing to ease quarantine by allowing the resumption of large and small stores.

The easing policy begins on September 9, and the business hours are slightly limited from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., but delivery services including supermarkets, convenience stores, and food stores are also available.

However, it is limited to 7 divisions where Pumiheung Korean Town, which has many Korean residents, is located, and there is a limit on the number of uses once a week, so it still has to bear a lot of inconvenience.

Other regions should use online order delivery and support from state agencies (including military units).

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42 NEWS 결혼이민자의 부모 등 가족의 방문동거[F-1-5] 비자 발급 안내 맥심 12.08
41 TALK 베트남 화폐 단위 상식 맥심 12.07
40 NEWS 수요조사에 참여하신 하노이시 거주 교민 대상 백신 접종 일정 공지 맥심 11.16
39 NEWS 베트남, 외출 금지는 해제했지만 더욱 불안한 경제 상황 맥심 11.10
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37 TALK 1 REPLY 한국은 베트남 전쟁을 사과해야 하나요? ASK 11.06
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34 NEWS 폭우로 물바다가 되도 결혼식 피로연은 진행됩니다. 맥심 11.01
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28 NEWS 내년 1월부터 호치민 해외 여행자 입국 가능 맥심 10.23
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