In multi-use facilities (restaurants, classrooms, offices, etc.) using tables, it has become common to install transparent plastic shields between tables since the COVID-19 crisis, and governments in each country are also encouraging or mandating the installation of them.

However, experts pointed out that in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, ventilation systems installed in multi-use facilities must be replaced with appropriate air to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, but these shields are increasing the risk by further enriching them.

In human-to-human conversations, it can be directly transmitted through droplets, but if you avoid direct conversations in multi-use facilities, infectious disease particles spread aerosol, so the screen cannot block direct particles.

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University in the U.S. have published a study showing that blindfolds increase the risk of COVID-19 infection, while Georgia schools have not helped defend against the spread of infectious diseases compared to ventilation and wearing masks.

What is important in multi-use facilities is that periodic ventilation is more important than the screen.

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