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1. Job Description

  • Supporting the team in gathering information needed for insurance policy renewal (working across the organization to request and collate information)
  • Help with routine inquires relative to risk and insurance programs and practices
  • Respond to insurance-related inquires from subsidiary companies
  • Process requests for insurance certificates from internal and external parties
  • Assist in preparation of key documents for insurance renewals throughout the year
  • Maintain files with policies and endorsements
  • Manage the incident and claim reporting process and prepare to claim reports for subsidiary companies
  • Communicate with affiliated companies on claim related matters
  • Engage with 3rd party insurance brokers and adjusters and other subsidiary companies

2. Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred
  • Minimum 1 ~ 2 years of experience in the insurance industry
  • Any insurance or risk management experience is a plus
  • Strong computer skills – including Excel
  • Excellent communication skills

   3. Work Hours 

  • 월~금: 8:00 AM ~ 5:30 PM (점심시간 1시간)

  4. Salary: $50,000-65,000 

  5. Benefit

  • Free lunch
  • Medical Insurance 
  • Dental/Vision/Life Insurance 
  • Paid vacation/ sick day
  • IRA 
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